In today’s world our mind as well has our body is continuously requested. the balance for our own peace holds on a thread, between our two complementary opposite natures, the body and the mind. it is very delicate to find peace, as a healthy mind needs a healthy body and vise versa. observing nature is our wake up call to realize our own nature, make peace with it and find the balance. Therefore this building is a short cut in the middle of the city towards that goal. it opens our eyes on a complex and intriguing part of nature; the sky, which we can always see but don’t do very often. Of course that immensity can be frightening and therefore the building offers 4 choices, 4 floors, 4 different views of the sky with our without other people. Nevertheless that reassuring feeling does not hold us from experiencing the nature’s magnitude. but giving our mind up to meditation and peace cannot just be done by opening a door. Our body as well as to be part of the tripe a 100%, as different as they are, to reach peace body and mind must be one. Therefore the entrance of the building is created to be a challenge for the body and the mind together. The geometrical and rational grit around the building contains many logical staircases that become thought the cut of the building a maze. and it is thought that unnatural space that we have to find our way to peace.

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